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Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity At UAM

In Human Resources, hiring, and recruiting, is important as it relates to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Bringing awareness in the workforce have made DEI a prominent initiative, including employee engagement, the elevated role of HR as a strategic function, and the understanding of the ROI of diversity in the workforce.

Our Vision

As we're bringing more diverse talent into our organization, we’re also doing our best to ensure that we're building inclusive cultures and reflecting on changes to implement in our DEI practices, hiring methods, and workplace culture. We want everyone as they enter the organization to feel welcome and have a sense of belonging.

It is essential that we continue to strengthen our organization to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We identify gaps in the hiring process with our voluntary candidate survey.

UAM DEI Action Plan

The Conversations

Management awareness is the most important way to ensure that our initiatives related to DEI are seen and heard by everyone within our organization.

Review Talent Pipeline

HR identifies with DEI efforts by beginning with existing employees, and then evaluate our candidate pipeline.

Inclusive Language

We created our inclusivity guidelines to better identify which terms to use when referring to specific demographics, and we keep a database to reference by in our workplace.

DEI Tools

A strong push for DEI must include an assessment of organizational tools that will support the accountability and longevity of the programs we initiate.

Plans for 2023

We are Identifying the big pushes, such as DEI presentations, trainings, and employee resource groups — but we will not neglect the daily, weekly, and monthly follow- through that happens outside these moments.

Action Results in Success

We have joined in globally to break down 400+ years of systems that haven't always catered to including or recognizing or giving opportunity to underrepresented populations. With equity, we’re really talking about a changing workplace, performance, and recognition experience for employees.

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