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As partners, UAM's goal is to ensure that you achieve the highest return for the investment in your assets. Our team of expert asset managers bring experience from all facets of the aviation, investment, logistics and information technology industry. Together, we cultivate a partnership of excellence, trust and ultimately, a vessel of financial success.


Always taking an approach of quality over quantity allows UAM to position itself as a savvy seller and buyer.


Our technical expertise and ability to seamlessly execute transactions make UAM one of the smartest buyers in the business.


To date, UAM has successfully executed 30+ aircraft acquisitions that support various facets of our global operations.

UAM's disassembly center in Tupelo, MS is the single-focal point of our aircraft and asset management operations.


Having inducted 100+ aircraft assets and engines by utilizing a talented engineering team, this facility is the perfect location for implementing storage programs on aircraft & engines.


UAM's proximity to Tupelo Regional Airport acts as the perfect location for delivery of almost any wide body or narrow body aircraft type.

Aircraft, Engine and
Asset Storage


UAM's core strengths is the ability to derive long-term revenue recognition for our partners.


Through consignment inventories, UAM is able to deliver value to its consignors by developing creative, strategic and profitable programs that use the inventory to find end-user solutions.


The consignment inventory is utilized daily to support the ever-growing UAM client base for all routine, critical and AOG situations all over the world.

Asset Sales & Leasing

UAM is actively engaged in the sales & leasing of assets all the way from the aircraft level to a component level.


To better serve our growing customer base in approximately 100 countries, our technical experts are capable of developing sale and leasing options that include engines, Auxiliary Power Units (APU), Nacelles, Landing Gears and many more.


With a global MRO & logistics network that allow us to assist our customers in delivering assets all over the world, UAM's technical experts are able to not only develop creative transactional solutions but also manage leases for our customers in all capacities.

Asset Valuations

Our team of technical experts bring a collective of almost 200 years of experience in the aviation industry.


UAMs knowledge of changing market trends, inventory demands, revenue forecasting and aircraft technical data allows UAM to value assets in the smartest fashion.


From aircrafts and engines to inventory lots, our advanced technical data integrated with our proprietary technology delivers success & growth to your investment.


Encompassing an enormous 450,000 sq. ft. of storage space, UAM’s Global Distribution Center in Verona, MS is the nucleus of our worldwide inventory supply network supporting over 5000 customers daily.


Using the FAA regulated ASA-100 quality system, our inventory specialists handle over 1 million line-items of inventory on a daily basis.


Through a joint partnership with the state of Mississippi, any inventory stored here for our partners is virtually tax-free.

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