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Community Contributions

It is UAM's mission to create opportunities for our communities to prosper. In giving back, we take immense pride to help foster the development of communities that have welcomed us into their world. We consider it our responsibility and honor to have a positive impact on the growth and success of the surrounding areas in our community. Some of our community services and endeavors include:


UAM Community Hands-On Program 

One of UAM values is we care about people in our community, and with that in mind, we created the UAM Community Hands-On Program through an employee and company giving campaign. 

We provide available resources and non-perishable food items to the community and UAM employees and their immediate family members who are victims of natural disasters and personal tragedies including, but not limited to, illness, accidents, death and catastrophic events. All employees of UAM(full and part-time), their spouses and legal dependents who have experienced loss as a result of a natural disaster or personal tragedy are eligible to receive non-perishable food items and information to resources they may need in the community. The UAM Community Hands-On is only available  in the United States.


Community Involvement

We are a hands-on company that believes in the power of community. We understand fully that real change comes when we all work together for the betterment of people. That is why UAM encourages our employees to be active members of their community, and support their monetary contributions and time to nonprofit organizations. We are a company that truly believes in leading by example. 


Toy Drive & Resources

UAM is proud to support the many communities where we work and operate. We provide in-kind support to tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations. We primarily focus on supporting organizations providing the resources, services or information that helps individuals and families live healthier lifestyles, and provides educational opportunities that extend from early childhood to higher education, offers youth the opportunity to develop self-esteem and build character, provides resources that help prevent and reduce crime or supports our military service members and their families. We provide toys for families in need during the holiday season.


For more information about our community involvement or to talk to a representative to discuss any sponsorship opportunities, contact

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