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UAM's Component Sales and Distribution team specializes in developing creative, impactful and measureable solutions to our customers. Utilizing competitive market intelligence, our Global Sales Team supports over 300 airlines, OEMs and MROs around the world. From routine enquiries to Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) requirements, the UAM Component Sales division is well equipped to handle any challenge

Online Sales

At UAM, we understand that the factors of speed and accuracy are essential to solve almost any customer requirement. We believe those two factors are the difference between success and failure for you, our customer. In doing so, the UAM Online Inventory Sales is one such vehicle that gives you an unparalleled e-commerce experience in component sales.

By providing our customers access to real-time information from our servers, they are now able to view the aircraft components we have available for sale and instantly obtain pricing for purchase. With access to additional data such as informational, technical and commercial records, they now have the ability to search and transact for parts within our inventory — all from the comfort of a computer or mobile device.


UAM is actively engaged, not just in component sales but in procurement as well. As a trading entity, we understand that it is almost impossible to have every single component on an aircraft available for our customers. UAM also recognizes the value of procuring inventory to support its internal requirements, but also act as a true trading partner with the customers it deals with on a daily basis.

The UAM online procurement portal is a true one-stop shop that allows you to showcase all the assets you may have for sale. Whether it be rotables, expendables, ground equipment or even tooling, we are always on the hunt for new acquisitions to bolster our inventory.

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