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UAM's Tupelo facility allows for us to perform any third-party disassembly work for our customers who just need an aircraft or engine disassembled. All processes are conducted by our engineering teams using accredited AFRA based methods.

Is your asset located on-site and cannot be ferried? No problem, we can perform on-site disassemblies as well.

Once completed, all final recycling is performed by UAM’s engineering teams to ensure compliance with our green initiatives to support the environment.

FAA 145 Technical Services

UAM's Aircraft Disassembly Center is an FAA Authorized Part 145 entity capable of providing a rapidly-responsive maintenance service to our customer’s assets. We operate a full-time station at the Tupelo Regional Airport and provide an FAA Part 145 coverage for virtually all major commercial aircraft types.

Off-Site Disassembly

UAM's two decades of disassembly work allows us to perform disassemblies almost anywhere in the continental United States.

Our elite team of disassembly specialists can perform nose-to-tail disassemblies on almost any commercial aircraft type anywhere in the country, within a matter of weeks.

Previous disassembly locations include Goodyear, Kingman, Marana, Amarillo, Seattle and Nashville.

Cabin Trainer Fabrication

The cabin trainers are used for training employees on emergency procedures and functions as emergency doors. They follow the FAA guidelines in order to function as if a cabin door was installed on a live aircraft.

These trainers are customized to align with the customer's request.

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