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Universal Asset Management (UAM) is a recognized global leader in the civil aircraft industry providing global support in aviation. We keep aircrafts flying and repurpose end-of-life commercial airliners. With a dedicated team of detail-oriented employees committed to quality and safety, we strive to exceed customers and stake holders’ expectations in delivering reliable services worldwide. UAM innovates and empowers its diverse workforce while setting high standards for excellence in the aviation sector.



Asset Management

Disassembly Services

Our premier aviation industry experts analyze competitive market trends to deliver the best value for your aircraft asset.

UAM's A&P-led Engineering teams perform efficient disassemblies providing the best End-Of-Life solution for your aircraft.

Built to handle almost any requirement, UAM’s vast inventory empowers the global aviation platform every day.

"UAM is driven to satisfy customers with our disassembly, asset management, and sales services".

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