UAM Internship Program

At UAM, we believe that innovation and growth are the key elements to pioneering the future. And the future belongs to those bright and talented minds that aim to make it happen. The UAM Internship Program is a way through which we constantly reimagine the aviation industry. From virtual and augmented reality to marketing and business development, our Internship Program allows students from all backgrounds to create and develop ideas that perpetually shape the global aviation industry.

UAM initiated its Internship Program in 2017 with a summer internship of 4 students from the Purdue University's School of Aviation and Transportation Technology. For three months, these bright minds worked on developing new and powerful technology surrounding virtual reality and its use for aircraft disassemblies. Their ideas will help to propel the UAM vision of creating new frontiers that deliver value-added results and solutions.

For more information about the UAM Internship Program and/or to sign up for it, please fill out the form here.

UAM Internship Program's first class with CEO, Keri Wright